Struggling to stay awake? You need a different kind of pick me up!

Iron Vital M+ Berry Taste Chews from Hübner

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas (or if you don’t celebrate it a great Holiday season) and a very Happy New Year. I had a very quiet Christmas, which I think was the same for a lot of people who I’ve spoken to. However, I did manage to get across to Manchester for a couple of days between Christmas and New Year when there is nothing on TV and you’re sick of eating endless amounts of chocolate. If you’re wondering what I got up to in Manchester, go ahead and check out my Instagram feed with a few photos from the trip.

The journey to Manchester was longer than expected on the train as there were some engineering works going on. Even though it wasn’t too bad, I could have done with a pickup rather than drinking Pepsi to stay awake on the journey.

Before Christmas, I was invited to try Hübner’s Iron Vital M+ Berry Taste Chews which are suitable for sensitive stomachs. They are small chewable tablets which come in a box of 30 and claim to be the next generation in iron supplements for sensitive stomachs.

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Iron is a valuable building block for many enzymes and cell processes essential to life, including the body’s energy metabolism so it is understandably important to us. Without it or without enough of it, our bodies can start to slow down resulting in listlessness, lethargy and even a lack of appetite.

Anyone can have an iron deficiency but it mostly affects women in addition to vegetarians and vegans whose diets may lack in some of the more common food sources such as red meat and sea food. However, some dark green leafy vegetables are also a good source of iron. I know personally that I don’t eat a great deal of red meat or enough leafy vegetables so I lack iron. Once I started taking the Iron Vital M+ Berry Taste Chews from Hübner, I’ve left a definite improvement in my iron levels.

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I’ve known some supplements, especially iron to leave an unpleasant taste although I’ve never had any discomfort caused through iron supplements. Hübner have created their range of iron supplements to help those who have an iron deficiency to get their levels back to where they should be through their delicious berry tasting supplement. It is designed especially for those with discerning taste buds and sensitive stomachs!

The Iron Vital M+ Berry Taste Chews from Hübner contain micro fine iron microspheres which are coated with a protective layer, allowing them to pass into the stomach with irritating the mucosa. The majority of the iron is not released into the body until the microspheres reach the small intestine which helps to prevent irritation.

Whilst the chewable tablets are supposed to have a fruity berry taste, I can make out an almost Tiramisu taste which is excellent for me as I love the Italian dessert! They are suitable for children, vegetarians and vegans in addition to pregnant women. They also contain folic acid, making them an ideal iron supplement to consume during pregnancy, vitamin C for increased bioavailability and are gluten and lactose free.

You can buy Hübner’s Iron Vital M+ Berry Taste Chews from independent health stores nationwide for £12.95 for 30 chewable iron supplement tablets.

Thanks again to Hübner for sending these my way!

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