How to Make the Perfect Burger with Haywards

Summer is finally here in the UK, even though it doesn’t look like it when you look outside. Nonetheless, this time of year only comes around once per year and for us Brits, as soon as a little bit of sunshine shines on our back gardens, the barbecue grill lid gets lifted up, the charcoals are poured in and its all underway. You’ll find steaks, beef burgers, sausages – name any meat that can be barbecued and it’s most likely to be on the grill!

Whilst I love a good barbecue, I always like to make burgers and side salads at home. The kind folks at Haywards sent me a care package containing their range of their pickles to try out. I’m a huge fan of pickled onions at New Years, especially for creating the popular “hedgehog”, which is assembled using a baked potato, cocktail sticks, sausages, cheese, (sometimes) pineapple and pickled onion. I’m also a huge fan of gherkins on burgers and hot dogs too as they add a slightly different flavour since I always order or make burgers without tomato.

In this article, I thought I would go through the ingredients which would make my ideal burger.

In order to prepare it, I would slightly toast the sesame seed burger rolls in the grill before you start cooking the meat in order to add a little extra crunch to them. Cook the burgers and bacon as per the instructions on the packet or what the butcher advises to get to your preferred colour – I like mine well done. After all of that, build the burger following the list above and you’ll have my ideal burger. Optionally, you can also cook some french fries or sweet potato fries to go alongside them and place a side of sweet piccalilli to dip.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this summer inspired article and thanks to Haywards for the care package of pickles. I’ve made sure the beetroot which I don’t particularly like are used by the rest of my family. I’d love to hear (and see) your ideal burgers in the comments below!

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