Hair Regrowth: Do Hair loss Remedies really work?

Hair Regrowth: Do Hair loss Remedies really work?

When it comes to hair loss, coming to terms with the idea that you are losing your hair is the best conclusion you can come to. However, saying that, there are some people who have tried remedies, simple and otherwise, who swear by their preferred method of hair regrowth. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the most popular remedies that encourage hair regrowth in people facing baldness. Some sound absolutely bizarre, however, some sound slightly promising! Everyone is different when it comes to hair loss, what works for you may not work for someone else, which is why trying different remedies, both natural and not, is the best way to explore regrowth after hair loss.

Aloe Vera

Very much an old wives tales, Aloe Vera is said to be high in vitamins and minerals which can prevent further hair loss from occurring. It’s thought that massaging aloe vera gel, which can be found in supermarkets and health shops around the country, into your scalp, will stimulate hair follicles and hopefully produce fresh new hair on your head. If you would like to try this, we suggest you massage the gel into your scalp around 3 times a week for a month, before taking a view on if the remedy is working for you.


Unlike other home remedies, Minoxidil2U is a company that specializes in the production of affordable and scientifically proven hair loss remedies. The company stocks a plethora of products that are aimed at producing fresh new hair after hair loss, and prevent further hair loss from taking place. Their leading products include Kirkland Signature and Lipogaine remedies, which have been proven to stunt hair loss and promote new and healthy hair growth. One of their popular products is a foam which is massaged onto the scalp for a period of up to 6 months, in order to encourage hair growth on the scalp.

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Oil Scalp Massage

Using oils on the scalp can be beneficial to anyone who is experiencing hair loss. Coconut oil, olive oil and other dense oils, which can be found in supermarkets, should be massaged into the scalp 3-4 times a week in order to promote healthy and natural stimulation for the hair follicles.

Onion Juice

One of the more bizarre natural remedies out there today, onion juice can fight infections in your hair follicles, as well as stimulate your hair to grow at a faster rate. This is due to properties found in onions which encourage regrowth of cells.

To make onion juice, one onion should be mashed and then strained. Once the formula is of a liquid consistency, it should be massaged into the scalp. The smell could be terrible for a few days, however, if you do not immediately shampoo the juice away from the scalp after massaging the area.

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