The Habits of the Gentlemen’s Morning Routine

Groomed Man

The good old morning grooming routine – A.K.A the time where the cave man exits the man cave. You start by peeling yourself out of bed, which can be a hurdle in itself. Your eyes haven’t quite adjusted to light but you continue to stumble around anyway. Then, hey presto, you emerge as a totally new man that is ready to take on whatever the day has to offer. But, It doesn’t quite work like that, does it?

The best of us aren’t fully alert in the morning so it’s good to establish some habits that can be worked into our routine…

Shower ‘n’ scrub

I am sure you’re all aware of the benefits of taking AM showers. Showers help us to feel refreshed and ready for the day. Whilst you’re showering take a moment to give a bit of love to your skin. Using facial scrubs can be a great way to rid your skin of nasty grime and dead skin cells. But, don’t let scrubs replace your everyday wash. Scrubs can be abrasive and perhaps should be reserved for scrubbing off the weekend come Monday morning.


Though it seems like most of us use moisturising products there are those who still believe moisturising is just a thing that women do. Everyone’s skin is different. Shaving, showers and all that good stuff tend to strip your skin of protective oils. A moisturiser will help to protect your skin and keep it hydrated. See here for my review on the Baldwin men’s moisturiser.

Finding cologne

There’s no need to get overly spritz happy and completely dominate a room with a scent. However, investing in cologne that fits you is the perfect way to lift your mood in the morning.

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The brows

This is a habit that you won’t need to practice daily. Now, I am not talking about over plucking by any means. You will need to practice constraint when it comes to working with your brows. Here’s an easy rule of thumb: If you have hairs that go beyond your brow line or hairs that mark the beginnings of a uni-brow, manscaping is essential.

These little steps could make all the difference in your morning routine. What does your morning routine consist of? I would love to know.

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