How to Design the Ultimate Man Cave

Matt Black knows how important getting that little bit of ‘me time’ is for men. Matt runs Man Cave Ideas, an online store selling man cave decor, furniture, accessories and gifts for building the perfect man cave. 

Every gentleman needs a space to relax and bask in the glory of all things manly, the man cave – nay, the ultimate man cave.

Your man cave is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy yourself, so it’s important for you to have the right facilities. The ‘ultimate man cave’ will require some thought and a bit of creativity. This article will help you to get started.

Furniture for Your Man Cave

When designing your man cave, comfort is key. You’re likely to be spending a lot of time relaxing and taking care of business in there, so you want it to be just right.


One of the main aspects of the room will be seating. The most obvious go-to for a man cave is a comfy sofa, and if you’re planning on spending plenty of time in front of the TV, or will be using it as a hangout for friends, then investing in a quality sofa is a no-brainer.

If you want something with a bit more of a vintage vibe, a classic chesterfield leather sofa and matching arm chairs will inject some gentlemanly sophistication into your man cave. You could complete the look with a glass or wood coffee table depending on your own preference.


Every gent needs a desk or study area, and depending on your occupation a man cave is the perfect place to mix business with pleasure. Nothing says gentleman more than a vintage desk, leather chair and, for any Mad Men enthusiasts, a bottle of whiskey in the desk draw. To complete the look you’ll need to add some desktop items, such as a banker’s lamp and although you’ll most likely being using a computer, a paperweight is always a nice addition.

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If you spend a lot of your spare time reading then your man cave will be the ideal environment to do so. If so inclined, you could turn the whole room into your own personal library.

Man Cave Ideas - Mens Room 2

The Bar

Gentlemen, a beer fridge just isn’t going to cut it here. The ultimate man cave wouldn’t be complete without a bar. Depending on your chosen poison, the size of this area will vary. For example, those of you who prefer a cold beer will require a bit more room for a fridge and storage — you could even install taps draft beer if you want the authentic bar experience. If you have the room and budget then bar stools will complete the bar theme.

For whiskey sipping gents, you may want a more subtle area to prepare a drink and put your feet up. A bottle rack, table or even a classic globe or hidden bar would give your man cave a vintage aesthetic. Nothing says gentleman more than a couple of decanters full to the brim with whiskey.

If your bar area is something you want done right, then barware and accessories are crucial. If for some reason you’re forced to leave the man cave, then you need to have the right tools to survive out there. This comes in the form of a personalised hip flask, if you have to leave your wonderful bar behind, then at least you’ll have a small amount of your favourite drink to keep you going. Use it wisely.

Grooming Area

Whether it’s simply sorting your hair, maintaining a tidy beard or styling a majestic moustache — a gentleman needs an area where he can do so effectively and have all the necessary beard care products ready. Whether you’re an oil or a balm man, your beard needs to look at it’s best. The same can be said for your hair and moustache with use of wax based products.

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Your grooming area doesn’t have to be a big feature in the room, and will fit in better as a modest addition. A mirror and small cabinet for all your products, combs and other essentials will be all you need. To the modern day gent grooming is quite a big deal, and so it should be. You should check out our previous article that offers some simple, yet effective tips for looking after your hair.

TV and Sound System

It goes without saying that every man cave needs an entertainment system, and depending on how much room you’ve got to work with — it can be as small or large scale as you like.

Whether you’re a movie fan, gamer or just like to relax in front of the TV, your man cave is the perfect place to put in some serious hours of downtime. So now’s your chance to get that huge TV that’s “too big for the lounge”. If you have the wall space, a projector is not only awesome but will help to declutter the room too.

To make any entertainment system complete you need a decent sound system, anyone who’s looking for that authentic home cinema experience will want to invest in surround sound. A high-quality sound system will be just what the man cave needs for movie nights or just for playing some music.


If you aren’t a big fan of TV or films and want your entertainment to be a bit more on the social side then there are a few different options. If you have the floor space and budget then a pool table is the classic addition to a man cave, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

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Another great addition to make your man cave an ideal hangout would be a poker table. You wouldn’t have to fork out a massive amount for the table and chairs, and if you’re lucky you might even win the money back in a few games with your mates. Remember, the house always wins.

Man Cave Ideas - Mens Room 4


Every man cave needs its finishing touches, whether it’s some artwork or simply how you’ve decorated the room itself. It’s only a cave in name and not in nature. This is your own space to get creative with, enjoy spending time in and impress anyone who visits. Any particular hobbies or interests you have will be an ideal place to start, for example, lots of classic car enthusiasts mount vintage parts on walls, while sports and movie fans can show off some classic memorabilia.

Your man cave needs to look great from the ground up, literally, so a plush carpet or stylish wooden floorboards will top off the entire decor. Although if you plan on having plenty of friends over for booze-fuelled nights then an expensive carpet may not be the best idea.

Every man dreams of having the ultimate man cave, it’s a fact. No matter how much room you have or even the budget you’re working with, there’s the potential to create your ideal space.

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