How to Create The Ultimate Cinematic Experience of Your Own

Going to the cinema can often be an uncomfortable experience. Babies cry, people aggressively rustle into their popcorn, constant chatter occurs throughout the film, intense air-conditioning provides discomfort, which all together, can ruin what should be an enjoyable activity.

What if I told you that there are ways to bring the benefits of the cinema into your own home? No noise, no strangers, just you, experiencing the remarkable visuals of the 4K TV screen and the outstanding sound quality of wireless speakers. Sounds ideal right?

Below are some of our top tips on how to make this cinematic experience perfect for you and your friends.

Getting the right ‘vibe’

First thing is first. It is important to ensure that your chosen room has adequate space, in order to create a good distance between the screen and your seats (approximately 3-5 metres). Your sofa or seats should be positioned in the middle of the room, so you can appreciate the excellent sound dynamics of wireless speakers.

Next, is the lighting. In your chosen room, we advise that you use curtains in order to block out as much light as possible. What’s even better? Lined curtains. These allow you to control the amount of light within the room and also facilitates in improving acoustics, as well as preserving heat, which benefits the environment. Win win! If you want to add something special, you could install a dimmer switch to create that authentic movie ambience.

The screen. Move over simple HD.

Thanks to Panasonic, we now have the opportunity to share the benefits of the incredible new range of 4K Ultra HD Televisions; the finest televisions fit for the perfect visual experience.

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The quality of HD no longer satisfies us. We require larger television screens, improved precision in pictures and additional simulating features. Look no further than the new Panasonic 4K TV Range. With its revolutionary technology and spectacular images, it will gratify your longing for enhanced image quality. It provides four times the resolution of HD; delivering overall clearer imagery. By utilising refined upscaling machinery, that depends on a catalogue of 120,000 textures, you have the option to watch simple HD programs on a 4K TV. What’s even better, the 4K television has the ability to recognise, develop and produce novel pixels, in order to extract a strong image in 4K ultra high definition; generating crisp images with larger colour and sharpness intensities to a source that is not even in 4K.

A 4K TV is a must if you want to create the perfect cinematic ambiance. In terms of size, we suggest ‘the bigger the better’. A 60-inch screen is an ideal size.

What’s that I hear?

Why stop there? You’ve got the visuals, now you need the acoustics. The SC-NE1 Wireless Speaker System vaunts a 3-1/8’’ Long Stroke Woofer accompanied by a Nano-sized Bamboo Cone and 1’’ Tweeter. The system will provide you with rich and robust sound, which ranges from tremendously clear treble, to low, pulsating bass. The Aero Stream Port’s three-dimensional configuration generates a deep, dynamic bass acoustic, by means of airflow control and sound reproduction.

One of the many great features this system possesses, is the ultra-compact bamboo speaker, which minimises distortion; delivering better and cleaner sonic clarity with its fine bamboo fibers.

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There we have it. To truly gain that movie-like ambience, we recommend that you invest in a large 4K Panasonic TV, along with a SC-NE1 Wireless Speaker System, so that you and your family can completely enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience, in the comfort of your own home. So go on, take the cinema home with you.

This is a collaborative post with Panasonic. Please review my disclosure policy here.

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