Hi there! I’m Jonathan and I’m the owner of The British Gent – a mens lifestyle blog. Jonathan Rowntree

I mainly dedicate my blog posts to technology and travel with some other aspects of the mens lifestyle blended in for a good balance. For example, I love gadgets, design, exploring new places and good food & coffee so you’ll see me highlighting these in my posts.

I love to hear what you have to say about my stories and thoughts. I also welcome any comments or queries you have for me. I would love for you to connect with me via email, Twitter or on one of the social networks I’m on.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2008 on the Google blogging platform, Blogger as it tied in nicely with a YouTube channel I used to own.

Why did you create The British Gent?

When I started blogging, I was 13. At that time I was a teenager and as such, my interests rapidly changed through time. I came up with different blog names as I didn’t want my school friends to find out since they didn’t grasp the concept of blogging and make fun of me for doing something I love.

I started my first technology blog in 2008, followed by “Jonny Rowntree” in 2009 as I started to blog more about my life, travel as well as technology. I created The British Gent as I didn’t want my name plastered all of a platform which I wanted to introduce other writers and bloggers to contribute to.

Is The British Gent only for men?

No, The British Gent is only categorised as a Mens lifestyle blog and although my audience is largely men, women are welcome to read, contribute and comment just as much as men. The first female blogger I introduced to The British Gent was Jenni of Chilling with Lucas.


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