7 fashion trends that should be left in 2016

7 fashion trends that should be left in 2016

With 2017 well underway, it’s time to reflect on the previous year and write off some fashion faux pas that we’re desperate to see the back of.

Slogan t-shirts

Some men may think that an offensive slogan t-shirt will help them impress on a night out, but the chances are that they’ll do nothing but make women cringe. Avoiding slogan t-shirts at all costs is the only solution – and if you absolutely have to be a comedian, save the memes for the internet.

Hoodies and high heels

It’s fine to dress casually in a hoodie, and it’s great to dress smart with a pair of heels, but never the twain should meet. Avoid the hoodie and heel combination at all costs – if you’re planning on taking it easy in the office, then your heels aren’t going to fool anybody.

Ill-fitted suits

There’s nothing more frustrating seeing a man dressed up to the nines – but dressed to the nines in an ill-fitted suit. In 2017, there’s no excuse not to find the perfect tailored suit for your body, so work with an expert tailoring company such as Fielding and Nicholson to find the right style for you. A luxury bespoke tailoring service may be expensive, but a suit can last a long time and help you make the right impression at important business meetings.

Boot pants

You may think that copying Rihanna’s $4,000 Manolo Blahnik Boot-Pants will help you stand out and look like a star, but the chances are that they just won’t cut it. Not only is this wardrobe staple impractical and difficult to put on, but they extenuate your thighs and calves and only really work if you have the body of a supermodel.

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Plastic shoes

Kim Kardashian may be able to rock transparent plastic heels, but for the majority of us, this kind of style just isn’t feasible. Instead of wearing plastic shoes, aim for some high-quality leather alternatives, and don’t be afraid of trying out new colours and styles to see what works best for your figure and outfit choice.

Overly distressed jeans

We all love a well-ripped jean, but if it looks like said jean has just lost a battle with a meat cleaver, then it’s probably time to wish them farewell. Rips, tears, bleaching and patches were dominant features of denim jeans in 2016, and while we’re all for a distressed look, we’d love to see celebrities and fashionistas rein it in a little in 2017.

Sports bras as tops

2016 was the year of the Calvin Klein crop top, and, while we certainly love the opportunity to show off our sporty figures in public, we think that our underwear should be hidden from public view at all times. This year, try crop tops and loose fitting alternatives that still allow you to room to breathe, but also leave some things to the imagination of passers by.

There you have it – just some of the trends we’re hoping to leave in 2016. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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