5 Travel Destinations Brits Adore

5 Travel Destinations Brits Adore

When it comes to their perfect holiday and travel destinations, British people know how to have a great time in the sun. If you’re wondering where your next holiday should take place, take a look at the following list. Just reading about a particular location may relax you and help you prepare for your next travelling adventure.


Spain seems to be Britain’s favorite place to visit when it comes to enjoying the sun and beaches as well as great nightlife. Places such as Ibiza, Benidorm, Majorca, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are definitely the most popular. Spain is known for its warm climate and equally warm people. Therefore, there’s little surprise that it has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in the entire world, not just British folk. What’s more, there’s always something new to see and explore when cities of Spain are concerned, which makes this country a perfect place for everyone’s preferences.


Greece is another popular travel destination that Brits visit regularly. Corfu and Crete are two major hotspots. In general, Greece is very affordable for Brits. Apart from that, breathtaking nature and idyllic beaches with famously clear waters are something worth visiting. Greek cuisine is also something that the majority of British people really enjoy since both food and drinks can tickle your palate. Moreover, Greece is known for being one of the best sailing destinations and booking organized tours for sailing across many beautiful islands is a total must. Therefore, Greece can provide its tourists with a lot more than pristine sandy fun.

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It seems that Portugal can be characterized as a perfect holiday destination for those Brits who don’t like to travel very far. However, this is not the only charm of Portugal. Coastal cities and Albufeira especially offer amazing conditions for a truly relaxing holiday. One can already imagine amazing sandy beaches. However, Albufeira is also known for its rich nightlife as well as great food. Local bars and restaurants are open all year round, which means that you can enjoy a visit to this lovely Portuguese town whenever you feel like it. Boat tours and diving excursions are only some of the extra pastime activities you can engage in.


For many British citizens, Australia is a must visit on their travel adventures. And this is not just because one can be sure that everyone speaks English. The city of Sydney offers plenty of amazing opportunities and experiences that it’s almost impossible to get the true feel of the place after just one stay. With over 1000 beaches, tourists can enjoy the well-known sandy paradises or opt for secret local gems. What’s more, Australian cuisine is amazing since it features the best tastes from all over the world. You can enjoy your meals in Manly restaurant and other famous places with an amazing view of the beach and amazing scenery. Not to mention the range of possibilities Sydney provides when it comes to other activities and nightlife.


For those Brits who want to experience something truly different, get an affordable stay, enjoy the friendliness of locals, experience amazing nightlife as well as relax under the sun on pebble beaches and swim in warm Adriatic waters, Croatia is a new trendy holiday destination. Dubrovnik, Peljesac, Rovinj, Hvar and Brac are tourists’ favorites when it comes to this country. There’s something new to experience in all of these places, but make sure to put Dubrovnik on your itinerary since the part of the city called The Old City of Dubrovnik is UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Have you already decided where your next holiday is going to be? You can’t go wrong with any of the above-listed destinations, so take your time and find the place that truly speaks to you.

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