4 Super Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Hair

Clare Weyers runs Elite School of Beauty Therapy. With her knowledge and expertise, she offers a range of hair and beauty courses, including a barbering course. Many men are opting for careers in barbering and other beauty practices as the industry expands.

Male beauty standards have certainly changed in the past one hundred years. Despite the changes which have occurred, there has always been a desire to feel confident in the way you look. Taking pride in your appearance is important for any gentleman, and your hairstyle is a sure way to do that.

Like any part of your body, it’s important to take care of your hair. The good news is, it’s actually really simple to maintain healthy hair if you follow some simple rules. You’ll notice the difference in how it looks and feels when your hair is healthy.

Essentials: Washing and Conditioning

Washing your hair is a fairly obvious way to take care of it. Generally, you should wash your hair with shampoo about two or three times a week. It is not necessary to wash your hair every day as this actually dries it out.

Conditioning is equally as important as washing. Conditioning your hair has a dramatic effect on your hair’s healthiness, so it should be essential in your routine. Using a conditioner after you wash will make your hair much smoother and help to keep split ends at bay.

Remember that not all hair is the same. Work with what you’ve got and try and find products which work best for your hair.

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The Best Drying Techniques

Drying your hair is a fairly simple task, but there are techniques and tips which are better for your hair. Firstly, never use a brush on wet hair, a wide toothed comb is less aggressive.

If you towel dry, rather than simply ruffling your hair with a towel, gently press your towel against parts of your hair. This is a gentler, so the likelihood of damaging your hair or causing split ends is decreased.

If your hair is long enough to blow dry, there are some very specific blow dry techniques. Always point the hairdryer in the direction of hair growth and try to use it sparingly. Hair dryers can get very hot so they can actually make your hair too dry.

Don’t Overuse your Hair Products

Hair products are great for styling and getting your look exactly how you want it. However, you don’t want to use too much product. Using too much can make your hair look greasy, which you really want to avoid.

There are a plethora of hair styling products available on the market. They can broadly be put into three categories: hair wax, pomade, and styling cream. Each product will give you a slightly different style.

Visit your Barber Regularly

Regularly visiting your barber is important for making sure your hair stays healthy. A barber is able to trim your split ends, which means getting rid of any damaged hair. This not only will make it feel smoother, but it will make it look fresher and healthier too.

Visiting every one to two months is usually sufficient enough. However, if you feel you need a trim in between, you can always book an appointment, or have a simple neck-hairline trim to neaten you up.

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